September 2010 - The Fast Lane

Finally kicked myself out for a run this morning. Did better than I expected, despite the last couple of minutes having to run through our buzzy, busy, Saturday morning village centre, sporting a deep purple head of course, severely clashing with my alarmingly bright orange hair. Feeling rather smug despite this (not sure if I had any pride to uphold in the first place, so am hardly in a position to mourn the loss of it).

Also feeling fired up to launch my new-look web site in time for British Wool Week, which runs from 11 Oct. Must come up with a big incentive for people to see my new site; competition, or discount, or prizes or what…. Please drop me a line if you've got any requests!

In the meantime, the kids go back to school this coming week. Miss and bliss rolled into one emotion. Summers go too fast; I love having the kids at home, but also love the prospect of having 6 hrs per day again of being able to dive into my venture, which, judging from the steady growth of web-orders and increased turn-over at shows, can no longer be classed as a little start-up. Making me proud, excited and positively bubbling with ideas that desperately need executing. Once the camping gear has been put away properly that is…pppfffft!

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