February 2011 - Had a new yarn spun...

Oh my goodness… it's here, it dyes beautifully and it fills a gap in the market! Imagine a sock yarn that is fine; finer than the 2.5mm-needle yarns everyone is knitting with. That you could actually knit lacy socks or stockings with that don't look and feel like over-sized socks…

Hundreds of stitches? NO! And pretty close to old-fashioned 3-ply. Think 80 sts per round rather than 60. That's 20 sts per needle rather than 15. Everyone can oversee that difference. And knitting with 2mm needles is not THAT different from knitting with 2.25 or 2.5mm.

It's on its way, peeps. It's coming. I'm designing with it, I'm writing up patterns. I'm working on a new home-dyeing technique. And I'm organising a dyed range of it as well.

To make it easy to recognise, I'll give it a name. Soliloquy. Not a monologue, as it addresses the audience. This yarn speaks to you. As Soliloquy Natural (un-dyed) or Soliloquy Shades (vibrant, hand-dyed colours).

This post is me bubbling over with excitement. I cannot keep quiet anymore. It's coming…..!

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