June 2011 - Fyberspates Royal Lace for Laminaria

Simple recipe for a lovely helping of Laminaria:
Take a gorgeous lace yarn (after seeing it at Wonderwool)
Give it to someone you love (during the last week of April)
Let them pick out a design they love (that same week)
Knit it for them whenever you have a spare moment, minute, hour…
Six weeks later: taraaaaa!

For those of you who'd like to cook this dish, here's the list of ingredients:
Laminaria is available for free from Knitty.com.
Fyberspates Royal Lace is available from me.
3.25 mm circular needle (80 cm long), either already present in your collection or buy a fixed circular or an interchangeable one.

Pattern notes: the Laminaria shawl pattern is written to be knit using a 4-ply yarn on 3.75 mm needles.If you use a 3.25 mm needle and Fyberspates Royal Lace and follow the knitting instructions for the Shawl, you'll end up with a finished shawl that's just in between the Shawl and the Shoulderette version, with a centre back length of 30" (75 cm) and a width of 56" (140 cm).

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