July 2013 - First post in ages and what do I write?

Less than an hour ago, I received an email from Lucky Jeans.This is what it looks like and says:
Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 14.54.14I sent Lucky Jeans Customer Service the following response:
Just a bit of feedback: the words “curvy fit” next to the picture in your promotional email today announcing the Sofia Boot Jeans is an alarming example of how the portrayal of very skinny young women in the fashion media is still alarmingly prolific. If you really do believe that your brand cannot thrive without models like the one shown, then please try to refrain from using completely inappropriate language to describe them (or the product they are wearing). As the mother of a 16 yr old, I am working hard to help her make the transition from a teenager believing she needs to fit the mould to a young woman looking for a mould to fit her. I should hope that your Sofia Boot Jeans are aimed at the second group. I will eagerly await the day that your choice of promotional images does the same.
Linda de Ruiter
Part of me worries that I am finally sounding like the middle aged women I’ve always laughed at, but I decided that in this case I’d rather run the risk of being labelled a grumpy old woman than to bite my tongue…
I promise my next post will be about knitting again!

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