Layercake: every*body*happy!

I think it is fair to say that 2016 was a year of big changes, the effect of which will only become clear in years to come. I can certainly name people in my direct environment who saw some big changes in their lives as well, and I include myself here. I made a seismic shift of my own. I have gone from focusing solely on others to, at long last, properly connecting to myself. My wants, needs and, most importantly, my inner strength. The effect of this shift is profound; on my relationships, on my business. It has led to a permanent change in how I see the world. Like seeing a tree from the other side: same tree, yet it looks very different! The way I can best describe that change is in terms of clarity and focus. A shift in, an increase of. And an emphasis on CAN rather than CANNOT.

I am still catching up with this new way of being as well as looking to the future. Formulating and reformulating what I want and how I want it. More happy customers. More lives positively impacted by my business. A generation of women finding their voice (me included!). We do not have to follow our mothers, many of whom, as the colour gradually drained from their hair, slowly faded into the background until they were invisible (and speeding up the process by "dressing their age"; recognise that phrase?).
We DO know better. We know our collective strength, we feel it every time we get together in our large-scale meditation sessions (whether those are fibre shows, quilting bees, knitting groups, spinning guilds, I could go on!). To maintain our sanity, to draw strength, to make us feel happy and connected, understood and accepted, right? And we know how the way we look reflects the way we feel. Layercake Smocks and Tabards are so popular at the shows we take them to because they embody the collective strength, acceptance and love we feel when we get together and connect the way we do. By taking home a Layercake garment we know we have an anchor for that feeling, for that connection. A tangible affirmation. Just like us, Layercake is practical, strong, timeless, pretty AND cool. It sums us up, it literally embodies us. Both individual and together, both accepted and visible!

This year, let us claim our place in this world. Share all we have to give, to teach, to spread. Because we know that we help make this world a better place. So let us make ourselves heard and seen and felt. Not alone, but together. Come on girls, grab each other's hand, connect with yourself and each other. Let 2017 be the year that our world wears Layercake and hears us roar!

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Jane Holliday
Jane Holliday

January 13, 2017

Thank you Linda for first class customer service. I ordered a Blackthorn leather needle case which I received very quickly via DPD and delivered to my ‘safe place’. I e-mailed you the following morning as the needle gauge was missing. You responded very quickly apologising and advising that missing needle gauge would be sent to me. What I didn’t expect was that it would arrive the following morning via DPD together with a personal note from you enclosing an organza bag FULL of pastel sorbet ice cream colours needle markers. What a lovely gesture and certainly not expected. This personal service is what sets companies, such as yours, as a favourite with customers and I, for one, will be a returning customer. Five star customer service. Kind regards Jane

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