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Layercake Linen Love Dress

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Layercake sizes run from 0 - UK8-12 to 3 - UK 22-26 (0-3 = US6-22)
So PLEASE check your measurements against our sizes before you order.


The Love Dress has a similar silhouette to the Tulip Dress and the Smock (a slight balloon-shape to the skirt) but with the addition of sleeves! Like most Layercakes, the Love Dress has large pockets and is made of medium-weight or sturdy, hard-wearing linen that both age beautifully and will serve you for years. The shape the sleeves allows you to wear the Love Dress as an over-piece, by itself or as an underpinning to a list of sleeveless Layercakes.

Colour update 10 May:

  • we have run out of the Cherry Linen, the 1 dress left in stock is the only one still available (size 1R)
  • same goes for the Large Purple Check, a couple of dresses left in sizes 1 and 2 but we cannot make any additional sizes until further notice

Two different weights...
The Love Dresses come in 2 different linen weights: our heavier weight (Large Purple Check, Violet and Steel) and our medium weight (Chartreuse, Charcoal Stripe and Magpie).

New length
The Love Dress comes in the Regular length (which is identical to the Regular length Tulip Dress) and also in the new Petite length. The regular length measures 113cm (44.5in), the Petite length measures 100cm (39.5in), which is a great midi length on shorter frames and knee-length on tall ones.

A note about lengths
When we introduce a new length, we do not just add or take away some fabric at the bottom of the garment. We change the proportions of the garment throughout. So a shorter version will suit a shorter frame at every point, same for a longer one. Example: if you usually order a regular length dress and would like to try the Petite, then it will fit you fine but you will notice that e.g. the pockets will hit you a bit higher on your hips.

    If a certain fabric/size shows the "add to bag" option, then there are 2 possibilities:

    1. We have some ready-made in stock (shown directly above the "add to bag" button).

    2. It is a pre-order, i.e. we have to make it for you. If this is the case, you will be able to put it in your cart and order it, and you'll realise that we won't be able to ship immediately (pre-orders usually take between 2-4 weeks, up to 6 weeks during very busy times like Oct-Nov)
    PLEASE NOTE: standard-sized made to order garments CAN be returned for a refund!

    If you need an outfit for a special occasion, please contact me BEFORE placing your order to ensure it can be made and shipped to reach you in time.

    If we have run out of stock AND fabric, it will show as "No longer available" and you will not be able to add it to your cart, it truly is all gone.

    The Slow Wardrobe sizes
    We follow our own sizing system, recognising that the traditional system of "ladies dress-sizes" does not account for body shape and height. See how The Slow Wardrobe sizes relate to body measurements HERE.

    Love Dress
    4 sizes and two lengths, designed to fit a very wide range of sizes and heights, from a UK size 10 to 28. Check these garment measurements to give you an idea of the fit for each size. 

    Size Underarm
    cm / in
    cm / in
    cm / in
    Petite length
    cm / in
    Regular length
    cm / in
    0 110 / 43 112 / 44 134 / 53 100 / 39.5 113 / 44.5
    122 / 48
    120 / 47
    150 / 59
    100 / 39.5
    113 / 44.5
    134 / 53
    142 / 56
    166 / 65
    100 / 39.5
    113 / 44.5
    146 / 58
    155 / 61
    184 / 72
    100 / 39.5
    113 / 44.5


    Custom sizes

    We do everything we can to be truly size-inclusive. We can highly individualise your garment, by adapting the standard fit and/or choosing a non-standard fabric/colour.

    Find out more about this service HERE.

    Linen Care & Washing Instructions
    Every Layercake has washing labels sewn into them, usually in the left side-seam.
    All our linen is pre-shrunk, unless stated otherwise and can be machine-washed at 40º C and either line-dried or machine-dried. If you machine-dry them, take them out of the dryer as soon as it finishes and hang them up straightaway, then you will not have to iron them.

    Our Linen
    Linen is one of the world's strongest textiles and most sustainable fashion choices, creating zero waste as every part of the plant is used (for textiles and food). Our linen is all European grown, yarn-dyed and woven especially for us, then boil-washed to pre-shrink it.

    Find out more about our linen.

    Linen is not only a Summer fabric, it is also a natural insulator, providing warmth when it is needed and offering the perfect base for a layered look, trapping air between the layers to keep you cozy year-round.