fivemoons Moon Fluff

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69% silk, 22% kid mohair, 9% polyamide 
100g (350m/383yd) 
For best results hand wash in cold water.
A sport weight yarn which responds well to being worked up loosely in order to give the kid mohair room to bloom. This yarn comprises a single loosely twisted fold of glossy long staple silk, plied with a single fold of soft and fluffy mohair bound with nylon for strength. The contrast between the two folds in both texture and the way they take dye gives the finished yarn great depth.  In addition it is lusciously soft and warm, and a pleasure to wear and work with.  It can seem light and airy, yet has a heavy drape, and blocks well since the fibres have little elasticity.  Choose lace patterns carefully, since the fluff can obscure intricate patterns.

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