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fivemoons Sock Blanks

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Individually hand dyed 100g/425m sock blanks in Luna plus 4ply (75% superwash merino, 25% nylon).

Each blank contains enough yarn to knit a pair of socks, 'single skein' shawlette, or other small accessories such as hats and gloves.  Please be aware that the various dye methods used are applied randomly by hand, and that each blank is individually dyed.  This means that paired items will not work up identically, and that colour distribution over a whole item will also be random when using a single blank.  This is intentional, and the end result is related items, eg 'sister socks'.

The fun of working with sock blanks is in the constantly changing fabric that you create from them.  Blanks are also practical, as if you drop your yarn it does not roll away, and is easy to stuff into a pocket - especially a Layercake pocket! 

It is possible to somewhat smooth the colour variation by alternating strands from two blanks (which even dyed from the same recipe will work up differently). If you wish to do this from a single blank please note that you will need to wind the blank into a centre-pull ball and work from both ends, or wind it into two equal sized balls, since you can only unravel the blank from one end. 

Your final fabric will appear to be textured and may seem uneven due to the crinkles in the yarn taken from the blank, although the tighter the gauge (such as with socks) the less uneven the fabric will appear. This will improve with washing and blocking your finished object.

Washing instructions: Machine washable on wool cycle, but hand washing in luke warm water is always recommended for any item that you have put time and effort into making, for maximum life and preserving colour and shape.

Please note: These sock blanks have been washed and rinsed several times, but there may still be loose colour present, especially in the intensely coloured 'floral' variants.  It is highly advisable to wash finished objects made from these separately to begin with.