Layercake Loves: Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream

Layercake Loves: Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream

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I swear this should be called Udderly Life Changer.

For all the peeps out there who avoid wearing dresses, skirts and trousers with a low crotch in Summer because the higher temperatures will cause the delicate skin on your inner thighs to rub raw, THIS is the solution! Anyone can see that I am NOT a skincare retailer, but this is skincare at a different level. It is a game changer, it nothing short of liberates your Summer wardrobe...

After yet another conversation at one of our shows about this product (the week after I recommended it to the lady I spoke to, she ordered a pair of Baggies and a Playsuit, so THERE's your feedback!!!), I contacted the company who import this product and asked permission to start selling it.Not the entire range, just this one line. And they said FINE! SO HERE IT IS!!!

You literally rub a pea-sized amount of this cream on the inside of each thigh in the morning and...that's it! You can now walk a marathon without having to cover your thighs. This stuff lasts and works all day. It is not greasy, it does not stain, it feels like a natural, light emulsion, it rubs in fast and feels most like having applied a light body lotion.

So, those lovely-looking yet depressing-feeling (when worn in warm weather) knee-long leggings that are being advertised on Social Media as THE solution: you will NOT need them.

All you need is this cream. Give it a try, you will not look back.