Layercake Synergy Step Top

The Step Top is the first of what will grow into a range of Layercakes that are sewn by The Slow Wardrobe and then, with our guidance, finished by you.

The idea is that the final piece consists of a combination of sewn and knitted fabric. However, each garment will be perfectly wearable without your additional work. Our instructions give you a number of options to decide on the final look you like best. And the most adventurous may want to do their own thing and design their own additional parts to the garment we send you!

The Step Top is a boxy one-size-fits-many (UK8-28) throw-over in our lighter linen. The back of the top is much longer, creating an interesting silhouette that teams well with your existing Layercakes and creates an unusual, elegant line.

It comes to you with yarn and a pattern to knit sleeves as well as a rectangular panel that could be added to the shorter front panel to lengthen it.

The pictures show plain knitted sleeves and a plain knitted panel on the white top and lace knitted sleeves on the Pink top. Instructions for both versions are included on the pattern.

In summary, you receive:

  1. The sewn top (pre-shrunk) in your chosen colour
  2. 200g of Layercake Linen 3-ply (same colour as the top), which is plenty to knit sleeves of the length of your choosing as well as a panel to lengthen the front of the top
  3. Knitting pattern that includes instructions for both plain stockinette as well as lace sleeves and panel(s)


Circumference: 168cm (66in).
Front length (measured from the shoulder neck edge): 63cm (25in)
Back length( measured in the middle of the back panel, from the neck down): 79cm (31in)

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