Soliloquy is Tall Yarns' own brand of yarn. It was developed as a result of seeing a big gap in the market: there are lots of lace weight yarns of approx. 800 m per 100 gr and lots of 4-ply yarns of approx. 400 m per 100 gr. The first is very thin for hand-knitting socks, the second is very popular and effective but it does not make for very elegant socks. Moreover, the popular 3-ply of the 40's and 50's of the last century had completely disappeared from the market in the second half of the last century. With a big surge in popularity of patterns knitted using 3-ply, it seemed like a simple and logical step to re-introduce a yarn that runs 600 m per 100 gr, is strong enough to knit socks with and perfect for use when knitting popular vintage 3-ply patterns. Now availavle both in a Superwash Merino/Silk blend as well as a Baby Alpaca/Bamboo blend, Soliloquy has established itself as a popular yarn with a wide variety of uses.