Fleegle Beaders

Fleegle’s answer to the crochet hook, floss threader, and wire methods of adding beads to knitting. These beaders are available in two sizes.

The 1.3 mm is new to Tall Yarns and ideal for use with thicker yarns (like 4-ply).

The 1.0mm size is designed for #6 or #8 beads with large holes, such as Delicas (it will hold about 60 #8 Delicas)

The 0.8mm size is for designed #8 and #11 seed beads. It will hold about 60 #8 or 90 #11 beads.

The tip has a hooked notch that will work with yarn as thick as light fingering weight, although some heavy sock yarns will not work easily with the 0.8mm size. The bottom of the beader is bent so you can use it with a bead spinner. Comes with a tip protector and two stoppers for the bottom, because you might lose one and we don’t want you to be unhappy.

Best results will be had if you tilt the beader up and press down the yarn into the slot with your thumb and forefinger while transferring the bead. Flick the bead over the beader and onto the yarn. Note that the beader has more of a notch than a hook and should not be used like a crochet hook. Trying to yank the yarn through the bead with the beader will shred your yarn!

Your beader will come with a web-link to an online video that demonstrates the beaders in use.

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