Layercake SALE - Smock and Tabard SECONDS

All of the garments listed here have a flaw. They each have a letter assigned to them that corresponds with the flaws listed below. There is also a picture showing each flaw variant in detail.

The reasoning behind offering these garments for sale at a discounted price is that their flaws do not detract from their quality and wearability. Whether you tackle their flaws before wearing (by over-dyeing, embroidering or patching) is up to you, but we encourage you to do so, as it personalises and customises your garment, making it even more special and specific to you.

Please note: All sales during this sale are FINAL. Returns or exchanges are not accepted. Please contact me before buying if you are not sure of your size.

A. Broken warp or weft thread, which leaves a tiny hole in the fabric
B. Weaving flaw
C. Sun damage

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