Ann Budd Knits Stitch Gauge Ruler

NOTE: new stock arriving in August...

I saw this ruler demonstrated in a knitting podcast last year and was sold immediately!

It is translucent, with white print (for use on dark knits) and black print (for use on light knits).

You place the ruler on the knit side of your stocking stitch knitting and match the stitch size to the printed stitches on the ruler and voila, you have your stitches per inch count.

The ruler is 9 inches long and also has a "regular" ruler along its side so you can double-check the measurement you came up with by matching the printed stitches per inch by counting the number of stitches over 4 inches and comparing that with the 4 x matched stitch count.

This is what Ann Budd says about the Gauge Ruler:
"It is a clear plastic ruler with white and black markings of knitted stitches at 11 gauges from 4 stitches/inch to 9 stitches/inch in 0.5 stitches/inch increments. Simply move the ruler across your knitting until the images of the stitches on the ruler match the stitches in your knitting. If you need more stitches per inch, swatch with smaller needles; if you need fewer stitches per inch, swatch with larger needles. Of course, for the most accurate measurements, you’ll want to measure the number of stitches over 4″ (10 cm) of knitting.
(Note that the ruler is fully transparent; I’ve added a strip of white paper under the bottom portion for readability in the photograph.)"

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