Sale: Artisan Yarns Baby Camel/Silk Lace

Sale: 33% off!

Baby Camel and Silk is a 65/35% silk/baby camel.  Baby Camel is very rare fibre with a micron count similar to cashmere. Its limited availablility makes for a most precious yarn.  It is carefully dyed with organic plant dyes to let the natural beauty of the original fibre enhance the final colour.

The combination of silk and baby camel is so luxurious you can hardly bear to put it down once you have picked it up.  Knitting is a dream as I have just experienced, when I used 2 strands of the laceweight held together to knit the fabulous shawl in the picture (Alicia Plummer's Thunderstorm, available on Ravelry). This yarn comes in laceweight and fingering weight.  It lends itself beautifully to shawls and lightweight very special garments.

Lace: 100 grams = approx. 800 metres

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