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Yak Blend 2 - Yak/Silk 4-ply

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This is the best alternative to cashmere I have come across. With the down-like halo of cashmere and a slight sheen from the silk, this yarn is much stronger than even the best quality cashmere due to the strength added by the lush silk.

Yak down is, like cashmere, hard to come by and therefore very precious, which drives the price up. However, once you have seen and felt this yarn, you will realise it is more than worth the extra expense!

Running a generous 400m per 100gr, it can be used for a broad range of popular 4-ply patterns and is suitable for garments and accessories alike. And of course it makes the most glorious shawls.

I introduced this yarn in 2018 as one of the options for Gingham Wing'm kits, which can be found HERE

Sold in hanks of 50gr.
Composition: 50% Yak down, 50% Silk