Kit: Enchanted Mesa

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Enchanted Mesa is a glorious pattern by the exuberant, talented and all-round adored Stephen West. And with designs like this it is impossible not to adore him; both a super-fun knit and an absolute dream to wear, slipping into an Enchanted Mesa (provided you choose the right yarns!) is like wrapping into a favourite blanket or shawl...except that it doesn't fall off your shoulders and you get stopped and complimented on it everywhere you go. We've worn it at shows and have grown accustomed to being followed back to the stand by adoring visitors dying to find out what on earth we're wearing; and where they can get one...?

Enchanted Mesa can be knitted in a wide variety of yarns but we love our Soliloquy yarns, so that is what these kits are made up with. There are 4 colour variations here, 2 made up using Soliloquy MerinoSilk, 2 of them using Soliloquy AlpacaBoo. All are knitted holding the yarn double, which approximates a sport-weight yarn of 300 metres per 100 gr.

What is clever about these kits is that they contain perfectly colour-coordinated yarns in the perfect amounts. The mini hanks are of course to knit the coloured rings that run across the shoulders, the multi-coloured hanks are to knit the mid-section and the neutral shade is for the bottom, sleeves and cowl.

The kits contain perfect amounts of yarn to knit your own Enchanted Mesa. Please remember, the pattern is NOT included in the kits. For the pattern, visit Ravelry to buy it from Stephen!

NOTE: Bev is wearing the Enchanted Mesa with 2 of our Layercake Petticoats (one short, one long) and a Layercake Weaver's Apron, all available on this site :D

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