D4 Unicorns Be Here
D4 A Fire Upon the Deep
D4 Sweetness
D4 Vampire&
D4 Bordello
D4 Peach Ice
D4 Sugarpie
D4 Fudge
D4 Apricot Blonde
D4 Fresh
D4 Minted
D4 Spindrift
D4 Nereid
D4 Glacial
D4 Orion&
D4 Denim Wash
D4 Midnight
D4 Wisteria
D4 Professor Plum
D4 Doubly Wicked
D4 Black Magic
D4 Silver Ghost
D4 Damp Cobwebs
D4 Steel
D4 Metallic
D4 Fool Me Once
D4 Romantic Decay
D4 Romantic Decay Dark
D4 Elegance
D4 Vermin
D4 Vermin Lite
D4 Bone
D4 Moonclad

fivemoons Diana 4ply

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50% superwash merino wool, 50% silk 
100g (400m/437yd) 
A smooth plied yarn with great softness, lustre and drape, Diana is perfect for making silky smooth garments to go against the skin, or items requiring swing and movement. It also makes superb shawls, with lace patterns blocking beautifully.