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Kit: Gingham Wing’m
Yak Blend 2
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Twilight by Rose
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Kit: Gingham Wing’m

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The Wing’m is an asymmetrical scarf knitted holding 2 strands of 4-ply or sport weight yarn together and alternating small patches of knitting stitches with either 1 or both strands held together. The resulting fabric is completely reversible.

The inspiration behind it is Anna Maltz’s recent publication of Marlisle (available HERE), a book about combining knitting with 2 strands of yarn held together with stranded knitting. Because I wanted a double-sided fabric, I replaced the stranded knitting with double knitting.


  • Yak Blend 1 = 200 gr of Yak Blend 1*
  • Yak Blend 2 = 200 gr of Yak Blend 2**
  • Twilight by Rose = 100 gr of Yak Blend 1 in Mole and 100 gr of Yak Blend 2 in Twilight
  • Glacial Bone or Tangelo Bone = 400 gr of Trinity Twist***

All options contatin the Gingham Wing’m pattern.

*Blend 1: 60% Merino, 20% Silk, 20% Yak down (366m per 100 gr)
**Blend 2: 50% Silk, 50% Yak down (400 m per 100 gr). Individual hanks of Blend 2 can be found HERE.
***Trinity Twist: 60% Bluefaced Leicester, 20% Silk and 20 %Nylon (260 m per 100 gr). Individual hanks of Trinity Twist can be found HERE.