F140 131
F632B 76
F911 22
F525 114
F3010 105
F2135 13
F323D 237
F822 244
F3013 4
F470 60
F3015 11
F1112 6
F2132 16
F3010 106
F1543 3
F2135 12
F3018 2
F2310 113

Koigu Felting Merino (KFM)

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This product is 100% Merino Wool and while it is well suited for felting, that doesn't mean you have to use it specifically for felting. You could use this yarn to knit anything you like, just simply handwash if you do not wish to felt or mashine wash if you want to felt.

Each hand-painted dyelot is an individual creation and there are no two dyelots the same.

Each hank is 100g/310m.