Layercake Linen Duster

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One of those garments that make you want to swish as soon as you put it on; the Duster has a touch of glam about it, a bit of boudoir, baby!
And so, the long version can be used as a cover-up in Summer, to slip into as soon as you get up from your favourite sun-spot (whether that's back-garden or Barbados!). Because it can be thrown into the washing machine, you do not have to worry about sun cream or oils spoiling the fabric.
On the other side of the spectrum, a crisp Duster is an ideal candidate for dressing up your Layercake (or any outfit!). Whether it is in a matching colour or contrasts with the rest of your outfit, it's one of those pieces you find yourself wearing again and again with its loose, comfortable shape.

The Duster is a one-size-fits-all Layercake. As always, the design was based on fitting frames between 5 and 6 foot in height and between UK dress sizes 10 - 26 (EU 38 - 54, US sizes 6 - 22)

It comes in 2 lengths. If you inhabit a shorter frame and are a smaller size as well and are worried that the longer one swamps you, then opt for the shorter version.
The measurements below are taken with the garment lying flat. The front panels overlap a couple of inches when its lying flat but the Duster is designed to be worn loose and open, so there is a LOT of freedom in terms of sizing.


Armhole depth*

Hips* Length front Length back
74cm / 29"
31cm / 12" 83cm / 32.5" 64cm / 25" 84cm / 33"
74cm / 29"
31cm / 12"
83cm / 32.5"
100cm / 39.5" 120cm / 47"

* Double these numbers for a total circumference


The Small Neutral Check Short Dusters:

  • The higher price reflects the true cost of the fabric.

The ltd editions:

  • If your selection can not be added to your basket, then we have run out of that option completely.
  • The ltd edition fabrics are 100% linen, none are pre-shrunk, so they need a cool wash and air dry.

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