Layercake Loves: Linen scarves from The Linen Works

It took me ages to finally decide to buy one of these scarves for myself (in the gorgeous powdery blush pink shade). On the day it arrived at the Studio, it took me about half an hour to realise that it hadn't occurred to me to find out whether The Linen Works wholesale their products. These scarves make the most glorious, perfect accompaniment to any Layercake outfit.

They are generously sized (50 x 200cm, which is almost 2 x 7 ft) and un-be-lie-va-bly soft. I wonder how they do it (to get the linen to feel like it's been softening for YEARS...)!

They are available in 4 colours that all go stunningly well with the Layercake palette.

I bought one in all 3 other colours as well (for hubby and 2 teenage sons) but they will probably end up taking turns searching for theirs every now and then (on one of the days that I decide blue or grey or stone looks better with my outfit than my rose-coloured one), although I haven't had a day yet that my rose scarf didn't look like the perfect finish to my outfit.

Just like the Bohemia petticoats we sell, when we encounter garments or accessories that fit perfectly with our Layercake look, we may decide to add them to the collection, either temporarily or more permanently. Since there is more than one Layercake endorsed product, Layercake Loves now has its own category within the Layercake line-up on the website.

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