Limited Edition Layercake Summer Dress

Very restricted availability due to lockdown constraints (no option to purchase any fabrics!), this is our first and very limited foray into a Layercake Summer Dress.

Update 26/05/20: we have a couple of ready-made Dresses left in select sizes.
We have no fabric left for any pre-orders. Find more Layercake Dresses HERE.

Pale Eucalyptus is in our regular linen weight, but in a cool, Summery colour.

Aluminium is a thinner linen, especially aimed at those warmer Summer months as well as warmer climates.

Both are available in our 4 sizes and 2 lengths. We have made a couple of dresses in the regular length. The longer lengths are listed as "pre-order", so we'll make those on the basis of the orders you place.

If even a "pre-order" option comes up as "unavailable", then we are out of fabric altogether. As with the Blue Stripe and Bitter Lime Linens, I will keep this listing live until we run out.

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