Layercake lagenlook Mini Tabard

* The model in the pictures is 5'7" and wearing Layercake size 1 Smock and mini Tabard and the Long Baggies.

Our selection of mini Tabards has been growing steadily in the past year. This Winter we're introducing the first Wool mini-Tabards. The mini's are all fab for layering over one of the longer garments (we make the shoulder straps slightly narrower so you can see the edges of the bottom one peeping out on both sides) but they are also fab when worn by themselves. We've chosen their length just so that, when worn with leggings or jeans, they emphasise the length of your legs, so they really flatter your silhouette.
The people trying them throughout the winter gave us big thumbs up, both the mini Tabard as well as the mini Smock fit in (and fit!) perfectly.

In terms of sizing around the chest, they are the same as the Smocks. Both the Tabards and the Smocks are meant to have 2-4 inches of positive ease (meaning that the garment measurement is 2-4 inches more in circumference than the fullest part of your chest. However, some people love to wear them very fitted. Here is a guideline for their fit:

Size 0: recommended bust up to 90 cm (36 in) - garment measures 38"

Size 1: recommended bust up to 102 cm (41 in) - garment measures 43"

Size 2: recommended bust up to 122 cm (48 in) - garment measures 50"

Size 3: recommended bust up to 137 cm (54 in) - garment measures 56"

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