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Pompom Magazine

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Pom Pom is a quarterly, collectable publication based in London, UK for smart, creative types who like knitting patterns with a modern aesthetic, great photography and interesting writing. They’re also into lots of other types of crafts and of course music, fashion, art, food and just generally making the world a little more beautiful with the things we make!

Magazine background:
Pom Pom was set up in 2012 by Lydia Gluck and Meghan Fernandes. They knew (like you probably did!) that knitting is super-cool, but felt that based on the way it was presented in the media, it didn’t always look super-cool to the naked eye. So backed by their amazingly talented army of friends who also happen to be designers, writers, photographers and all-around wonderful people, they got started making a magazine, hoping to present knitting and craft in the best possible light!