Layercake Postman Bag

Made from sturdy canvas, I've been using bags like these for years. For stash, work, groceries and trawling fibre events, they are veritable Mary Poppins bags. The wide, sling-like shoulder strap makes them very comfortable to carry cross-body and doesn't dig into your shoulder.
Closes with fabric loop and big button in the middle (see close up picture).

We made a handful of these a couple of years ago but never offered them for sale - until now!

At the moment we don't have any plans to make more, but who knows?

Height: 36cm (14in)
Width: 44cm (17in)
Gusset (runs along all 3 sides and turns into the shoulder strap): 23cm (9in) at bottom, tapering to 15cm (6in) at top edge of bag
Shoulder strap: 106cm (42in) total length, 53cm (21in) drop