A Westknit Kit: The Doodler

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The Doodler was Stephen West's Mystery Knit-along in the Autumn of 2015. As with many of his shawl patterns, when using 4-ply yarn, which he uses a lot, the shawl ends up very large. Scaling down the project by using a slightly finer yarn (3-ply) and using needles that are 1 or 2 sizes smaller (depending on your gauge) yields a shawl that is still ample in size but won't drown you.

The wingspan when knitting this pattern one needle size smaller and using Soliloquy Sock lace is 140 cm (55 in). Different suggested colour options will pop up here as they become available.

The kit does NOT contain a pattern, you buy the pattern directly from Stephen, either on his website or via Ravelry. The amount of yarn in this kit is ample for your own Doodler.

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