Fit Guide Overalls

Layercake sizes
Layercake follows a different sizing system, recognising that the traditional system of "ladies dress- sizes" does not account for body shape and height. Read more about the background to this HERE.
Layercakes are designed to fit a very wide range of sizes and heights, from a UK size 10 to 28. Check these garment measurements to give you an idea of their dimensions.

These come in 4 sizes - their length is variable by changing the ties at the top of the bib:

Garment waist
Garment hip
0 98 / 39
122 / 48


110 / 43 137 / 54 112/44
2 128 / 50 152 / 60 114/45
3 144 / 56 168 / 66 114/45

* The Overalls are a pull-on style, so your hip measurement should be no more than 3in above the waist measurement of the garment or you may struggle to get them on!

**The Overalls are mean to be worn high-waisted, with the top of the side-seam to be level with your mid-riff ("bra-band" level).

Custom sizes
We do everything we can to be truly size-inclusive. We can highly individualise your Layercake, by adapting the standard fit and/or choosing a non-standard fabric/colour.

Find out more about this service HERE.