Pattern Errata

If you have found any part of any of my patterns that does not make sense and there is no reference to it on this page, please let me know!
I’m keen to explain if my instructions are unclear and will be suitably embarrassed yet very thankful if you have found a mistake.
For any inconvenience or waste of time that the mistakes corrected below have given you I humbly apologise…



Charlotte's Web Triangle Edge (updated on 18 Aug 2015)

When finished with the main body of the shawl, rather than casting off, the zig-zag edge is worked as one final row in the colour of your choice (I used the colour in the middle of the shawl, so colour number 3). The row is knitted as a series of little triangles. Please note: the instructions are the same for 2 subsequent rows, so rows 1 and 2 are the same, rows 3 and 4, etc. The result is a small garter stitch triangle.

Row 1, 2: S1, k8, turn
Row 3, 4: S1, k7, turn
Row 5, 6: S1, k6, turn
Row 7, 8: S1, k5, turn
Row 9, 10: S1, k4, turn
Row 11, 12: S1, k3, turn
Row 13, 14: S1, k2, turn
Row 15: cast off 8 stitches
Stitch number 9 of your first triangle becomes the edge stitch of the next triangle
Repeat from Row 1

This gives you exactly 20 triangles to the bottom tip of the shawl, with the stitch at the bottom tip becoming the last stitch of a triangle and the first stitch of the next one. Keep going until you have cast off the last triangle, then cast off and weave in the ends.


Early copies of this pattern contain a small but important typ-o: on page 3, row 1 of Lace Section 2, the row ends with TL16 sts (instead of the 19 sts stated). All other instructions remain unchanged!


Abbreviations - third line should read: P1-f/b = purl 1 st both front and back, sm = slip marker

Faerly (linen)

Section 2, row 1: should have a * at the beg of the row, which is referred to in section 3

Gingham Wing'm

Main body, row 18: starts with k2, not k3
Main body, row 32: starts with k2, m1p, k1 instead of k2, m1p
Main body, row 69: omit the m1p and m1k from the row

Kimono Cardigan (older version only, before rename to Haori Cardigan)

Page 2, first line of the left shoulder panel: Put the stitches between points D and F on some waste yarn, a spare needle or some stitch holders.

Page 3: as part of the instructions as to how to knit the stocking stitch part of the left shoulder panel, replace rows 1 and 2 (3/4 down from the top of the page) with the following:
Row 1: k to last st, slip this st to the left needle, k2tog
Row 2: p to last st, slip this last st onto the left needle, p2tog

Leafy Lace Shoulder Shawl

In early copies of this pattern, there is one symbol missing from the large chart: The middle stitch in row 34 (stitch no. 20) should have a small triangle (SK2P) in it.

Lunenburg Harbour Socks (published in Take Heart - book by Fiona Alice)

Round 1: K10 (12), [sl1, k2] 5 times, k8 (10), k to end.

The round numbering is out of sync after Round 16 and currently reads from Round 11-39. All pattern text is correct but the rounds should be numbered from Round 17-49.

Lace Trim
Give the cuff a stretch and you’ll see yarn B still threaded around the sock. With working needle and working end of yarn B, pick up and k64 (72) sts anti-clockwise by knitting into the yarn B in-between where you sewed the picot edging down.
Using the backwards loop method, cast 4 sts onto LH needle.

Simple Sock

Notions needed should read one SET of 2.5 mm DPN’s rather than a PAIR of 2.5 mm needles

Soliloquy ABC Shawl (updated on 24 Oct 2016)

Please replace rows 15-23 on page 1 of the pattern with the following:
Row 15: k11, (yo, k2tog, k7) x 7, yo, k2tog, k8, sl3wyif
Row 17: k9, [(ssk, yo)x2, k5] x 7, (ssk, yo)x2, k8, sl3wyif
Row 19: k9, [(yo, k2tog)x3, k3] x 7, (yo, k2tog)x3, k6, sl3wyif
Row 21: k9, [(ssk, yo)x2, k5] x 7, (ssk, yo)x2, k8, sl3wyif
Row 23: k11, (yo, k2tog, k7) x 7, yo, k2tog, k8, sl3wyif

Soliloquy Bamboo Gloves

Round 1-3 of the Bamboo stitch should read: *k1tbl x 4, p2, repeat from * to end of round
The numbering of the rounds of the Bamboo stitch is incorrect.
R(ound)1-3: unchanged
R4: unchanged
R5-11: this should say R5-7
R12: this should say R8
R13-16: delete these 4 rounds, the Bamboo Stitch is a 8 row repeat

Soliloquy Cable Gloves

Page 1, row 28 SHOULD read:

R28: *place 6 sts on cn behind work, k4 (pattern says p4), transfer the 2 purl sts ….. etc…..

Soliloquy Lace Gloves

The explanations of the right-leaning and left-leaning cables should read:

2/2 RC = right-leaning cable over 4 sts (place 2 sts on cable needle behind work, k2, k 2 sts from cable needle)

2/2 LC = left-leaning cable over 4 sts (place 2 sts on cable needle in front of work, k2, k 2 sts from cable needle)

Early copies of this pattern miss a sentence at the start of the instructions for the right glove. The section starts with “After knitting the cuff…” Please replace the first sentence with “This glove is knitted as a mirror image of the left one. Knit the cuff *p2, k2tbl*, so each round starts with 2 purls. After the cuff, continue as follows:”

Soliloquy Simple Gloves

Additional abbreviations:

M1R = make 1 st right-leaning (insert left needle, from back to front, under horizontal strand of yarn running between last st on left needle and first st on right needle; k this st through front loop)

M1L = make 1 st left-leaning (insert left needle, from front to back, under horizontal strand of yarn running between last st on left needle and first st on right needle; k this st through back loop)

Soliloquy Top-down Sock

After casting on 72 (80) sts, you divide them over 4 needles and end up with 18 (20) sts per needle (as opposed to 13 (15)).

After row 2 of the heel flap, the next section should read as follows:

Continue in on these 36 (40) sts for 34 (38) more rows

Turn heel

Row 35 (39): S1, K20 (22), SKPO, K1, turn

Row 36 (40): S1, P7, P2tog, P1, turn

Row 37 (41): S1, K to 1 st before the gap, SKPO, K1, turn

Row 38 (42): S1, P to 1 st before the gap, P2tog, P1, turn

After this, continue the pattern as written.

 Summer Fan Cami

Front page: amount of yarn needed for the smallest size is 200 gr, not 20!

Page 2, Body, lace edge: rows 7 – 20 should state “repeat from * 8 (9, 10) times” instead of “repeat from * 7 times”.

 Summer Storm

Section 5, Chinese Lace, row 12 should read: Row 12: P3, P2tog, YO, P3, (P4, P2tog, YO, P3) x 28, P2, PB1, P2tog, YO, P3, (P4, P2tog, YO, P3) x 28, P6 (526 sts)

 3 Frills, design number 5: Lace Swirl

Between rows 9 and 11, the pattern jumps from “knit 6″ to “knit 4″.

Row 11 should read “knit 5″, row 13, “knit 4″ etc.

As a result, the pattern is not a 30 row repeat, but a 32 row repeat.

 Three Season Cardigan

Right front panel:

Row 20 should read: S1, P16, W&T

Left front panel:

Row 19 should read: S1, K16, W&T

 Yarnadelic Poncho

Yoke rnd 8 rewritten:
sl MM, *K9, sm, m1R*, rep from * to end of rnd (20sts inc'd)
Work the last 4 rnds 8 more times with col's 11-18 (the no of sts
between markers increases by 1 for each subsequent colour)