Layercake Palazzo's


After planning these for so long, we are finally ready to add a new trouser-shape to the Layercake line-up.

Whereas the HiLo's and Baggies are VERY roomy, the Palazzo's are an almost-straight, wide-legged pant. And whereas the idea behind the HiLo's and Baggies is that you can choose to wear them either cropped or full-length, the Palazzo's are meant to show a loooong leg-line, so they are meant to be worn full-length, at least touching the top of your foot, ideally ALMOST touching the ground.

They LOOK straight when on but they are shaped to accommodate hips and tummies in such a way that that loooong line is maintained without expecting you to change your body shape first, as so often is the case when looking for new clothes...but, I digress!

This is a pre-order, please place your order by Midnight on Monday 1 March. Your Palazzo's will then ship by the middle of March latest. After 1 March, the price will change and availability will be limited. Please note that your Palazzo's will be shipped together with any other items ordered at the same time, so if there are other items you need sooner, please order them separately.

Like the Baggies, the Palazzo's will come in 2 sizes and 2 lengths. Please refer to the grid below to see how they relate to our existing Layercake garments.

Size UK size Waist
Max stretch


Small 8-16 25" 41" 50" 38" 42"
Large 14-20 31" 46" 56" 38" 42"

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