Layercake Loves: Glass Pendants by Beryl Weir

These beautiful glass pendants were first spotted on a Layercake customer at the Knitting and Stiching show last November. We were particularly drawn to the many layers of coloured glass which had been fired five times making each necklace unique. We agreed with the artist that these pendants would go perfectly with our Layercake garments.

These glass pendants go well with any outfit and you can adjust the cord to lengthen or shorten your necklace. The necklace measures 33cm as a single drop totalling 66cm.

Just like the Bohemia petticoats we sell, when we encounter garments or accessories that fit perfectly with our Layercake look, we may decide to add them to the collection, either temporarily or more permanently. Since there is more than one Layercake endorsed product, Layercake Loves now has its own category within the Layercake line-up on the website.

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