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All-in-one Acid Dyes

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Fibres, yarn and fabric can be divided into two groups: animal fibres and plant fibres. Each family of fibres has its own dyeing process and the un-dyed yarns I currently offer mainly contain animal fibres. These need an acidic environment and heat to be able to take and hold on to dyes. Animal fibre dyes are commonly referred to as acid dyes and plant fibre dyes as procion.

All-in-one acid dyes (they only need adding water) are the only dyes I offer. They are chemical dyes and in my opinion the safest dyes to use, especially for inexperienced dyers. For procion dyes and books about dyeing plant fibres, yarns and fabrics, visit

One pot of Acid dye in the colour of your choice for dyeing any type of animal fibre (wool, silk, etc). All you add is water and fibres!

Available in 3 sizes, 10 gr, 25 gr or 100 gr.

A 10 gr pot dyes between 100 and 500 gr of yarn, depending on the colour intensity you are looking for.