AYL Soft Rose
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AYL Chalk
AYL Dark Purple
AYL Logwood
AYL Heavenly
AYL Shell Pink Light
AYL Mouse
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AYL Coralie
AYL Scrimshank
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AYL Indigo
AYL Stormy Petrel
Artisan Yarns Linen Lace
Artisan Yarns Linen Lace

Artisan Yarns Linen Lace

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Hand-dyed lace weight linen, dyed by Anne using natural dyes. Anne achieves the most ethereal hues, whether she dyes animal or plant fibres.

Composition: 100% Linen
Length: one hank contains approx. 560 metres, except for Mouse, which contains approx. 600 metres.

The shawl pictures are both examples of shawls that can be knitted using one hank of this gorgeous linen. As with all linen, it softens with wash and wear. Once finished, giving your project a nice wash relaxes the stitches ready for blocking and softens the yarn.

The shawls shown are both free patterns on Ravelry. The cream coloured one is the Haruni by Emily Ross, the blue shawl is the Swallowtail by Evelyn A. Clark.