Pattern: Holey Moley Scarf(e)y

Pattern: Holey Moley Scarf(e)y

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This little scarf was made in a flash of inspiration when I wanted to quickly knit up my friend Helen’s first home-spun yarn. It was a small, 70 gr hank and I wanted to make something wearable with it, not just a quick swatch. It took about half an hour to cook up and a couple of hours to knit.

It’s a great little accessory. Perfect as a stash-buster or as a project for that gorgeous single hank of yarn that you HAD to have but that has never been substantial enough for a complete project. Well, now it is! And you’ll quickly find out that you won’t let your own Holey Moley out of your sight, because it’s not just the pretty yarn but the functionality of the design that makes it very useful and versatile.

Difficulty: Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy

Measurements: Depends on yarn and needles used. Using Noro Silk Garden and 6.5mm needles is it 80 x 13 cm (32 x 5”)

Materials: Aran or chunky yarn, 50 - 100 gr.

Metreage: Approx. 100 - 120 m

Tension: up to you, if it looks good and feels nice, it’s perfect!

Notions: One set of 6.5mm needles, but feel free to change if it works better with your yarn