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Layercake Cotton Playsuit

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Layercake sizes run from 0 - UK8-12 to 3 - UK 22-26 (0-3 = US6-22).
So check your measurements against our sizes before you order.
To check garment sizes and lengths, click on the FIT GUIDE tab below the product details.

A new take on our classic Playsuit, this time made from an organic cotton jersey with 5% Elastane, to ensure it keeps its shape for years to come. As with all of our playsuits, you throw it on like a dress and zip it up at the bottom; no need to fuss when you go to the toilet! The large pockets (that also keep their shape) keep the Playsuit practical. 

Composition: 95% Organic Cotton / 5% Elastane.

A note about lengths
Unlike the Linen fabric, measuring a heavy stretch jersey is not as exact. There are also variations in the tension with which the fabric is rolled up in the factory. This means that it occurs that garment pieces, after cutting, slightly change shape (grow or shrink in length). We are talking very small amounts, but with our (very unusual) full-length stretchy Playsuits, this can extend to 1-2 inches of difference in length. If you would like your Playsuits rather longer than shorter, please store them by hanging them full length on a clothes hanger. If you would like to avoid this, please hang them folded on a trouser hanger or store them folded on a shelf.

You can see the Berry and Damson Playsuits in Ep. 98 of the Slow Wardrobe Podcast on Youtube, where I show and style them!

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It was only a matter of time before I just had to find out if using our gorgeous stretchy jersey cotton on the Playsuit would work as well as the rest of the Cocoon line-up, and does it just! Here we are, the most comfortable, complimentary piece of clothing you have ever worn, made in shape-keeping jersey cotton that will last you for years. Honestly, what's not to like?

    The Slow Wardrobe sizes
    We follow our own sizing system, recognising that the traditional system of "ladies dress-sizes" does not account for body shape and height. See how The Slow Wardrobe sizes relate to body measurements HERE.

    Tulip Dress / Wave Dress / Playsuit Measurements
    4 sizes, designed to fit a very wide range of sizes and heights, from a UK size 10 to 28. Check these garment measurements to give you an idea of the fit for each size.

    Layercake size Bust
    0 95/38 112/44 134/53
    1 112/44 120/47 150/59
    2 127/50 142/56 166/65
    140/55 155/61 184/72
    3 Petite

    Dresses/Playsuit Lengths
    1 length for the Wave Dress, 2 lengths for the Tulip Dress and 3 lengths for the Playsuit.
    NOTE: length measurements are taken from the top of the shoulder straight down to the bottom hem.

    Height -
    cm / in

    Tulip Dress
    Tulip Dress
    Tulip Dress Long Wave Dress Playsuit Petite Playsuit Regular Playsuit Tall
    150/5'0" - 160/5'4" 100 / 39.5 113 / 44.5
    125 / 49
    125 / 49
    160/5'4" - 175/5'9" 100 / 39.5 113 / 44.5 127 / 50
    125 / 49
    125 / 49
    135 / 53
    170/5'7" - 183/6'0"
    127 / 50
    125 / 49
    135 / 53
    145 / 57
    183/6'0" and above
    127 / 50
    125 / 49
    145 / 57

    Custom sizes
    We do everything we can to be truly size-inclusive. We can highly individualise your garment, by adapting the standard fit and/or choosing a non-standard fabric/colour.

    Find out more about this service HERE.

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