Layercake Linen Yarn

10 ready to ship

The same weight as our Soliloquy Sock Lace, Layercake linen runs 600 m per 100 grams. In terms of construction, Layercake Linen is a 3-ply (whereas Soliloquy is a 4-ply). It is perfect for knitting a garment or accessory to go with your Layercake  Smock, Tabard, Apron, etc.

The colours are all part of the existing Layercake collection and feature either by themselves, or in cross-weaves and the Small Checks.

A note about the darkest colours of Layercake Linen: I have had two reports since I started selling this linen yarn of the black rubbing off on fingers while knitting. Unlike our linen fabrics, the linen yarn is not pre-washed, so the darkest colours MAY release some excess dye stuff on your fingers. I have done a lot of knitting with the black linen and have not experienced it yet, so this obviously varies from one person to the next. You do not have to worry about the dye bleeding into any of the other colours if you wet your project. 

The single shades are sold in hanks of 50gms, 300m.

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