Wool Blend Shawl Faded Sparkle
Layercake Loves Wool Shawls
Wool Shawl Persian Wine
Wool Shawl Blue Embroidered
Wool Blend Shawl Stripes
Wool Shawl Bright Patchwork
Wool Shawl Bright Patchwork

Layercake Loves Wool Shawls

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I sourced some colourful shawls to complement the Layercake collection.

They are first come - first serve, so when they are gone, that's it for now.
If it turns out you love these additions to the Layercake line-up, I will start looking for more Layercake Loves again for future seasons.

The shawls listed are all 70 x 190cm in size (except for the Cashmere, which is 100 x 200cm), but there is some variation in their composition - see below

Composition: 92% wool, 8% silk
The stripes in this finely woven wool shawl match with a crazy number of Layercake Linen colours. If you like the idea of a wool shawl that goes with EVERYTHING in your Layercake wardrobe, this is your choice.

Composition: 100% wool
This shawl has a pale blue background with a print of medium and dark blue flowers. The colours remind me of old Dutch Delft tiles, but that is only the backdrop. The outlines of the printed flowers and leaves have been embroidered with a running stitch in chunky variegated wool, creating nubs in jewel-like colours that serve as decorative accents.

Composition: 58% wool, 22% modal, 20% lurex
A slightly more dense weave compared to the other shawls yet the most ethereal in colour, the motifs on this shawl look like parts of faded tapestries. Then along the length of the shawl the outer edges are shot with fine silver lurex thread, whereas the middle section isn't. The overall effect is understated and eye-catching at the same time. This design sold out within hours of sending out the Newsletter, but I managed to source some more!

Composition: 92% wool, 8% silk
The most playful member of this eclectic line-up. This shawl is printed with an array of colourful sections in bright colours. Each section has then been outlined in colourful embroidery, contributing further to the illusion of a patchwork shawl.

Composition: 100% wool
An extra addition to the line-up; when your initial uptake of these shawls proved to be so enthusiastic, I was able to re-stock the Faded Sparkle and then found this design as well, which I had not noticed before. Its centre is a warm wine-red that gradually fades to the frilled edges, revealing colourful shapes in a muted palette. Simply stunning.

Composition: 100% Cashmere
I was only able to buy one of these but could not resist: this is the most delicate yet softest cashmere I have ever felt... if it does not get snapped up, I my snaffle it away for myself...

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