Mending & Embellishing Tool Kit

Mending & Embellishing Tool Kit

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This is a limited edition set of tools and materials that gives you everything you need to start a journey to mend and/or embellish your own wardrobe. 

Every stitch you add to any garment you own personalises that garment to you, its owner, making it more precious as well as extending its wear.

Content of the box:

  • Ernest Wright 6" Dress-making Scissors
  • 6 skeins of Vintage (1960's) Linblomman Embroidery Thread
  • 1 four inch (10 cm) embroidery hoop
  • 1 tin of Darning Needles (containing 6 needles)
  • 20 bulb Pins
  • 1 pack of 20 sharp sewing needles (size 3/9)
  • A selection of Layercake Linen Fabrics for patching or embellishing
  • 2 cards of cotton Sashiko thread (12m each, 1 cream, 1 white)
  • 1 retractable measuring tape, pink, with magnet on the back (150cm / 60in)
  • 1 small embroidery scissor, pink and white polkadot handle (9cm / 3.5in long)
  • Strawberry Pin Cushion

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