Jagga Scarf Sample in Teal Wash Linen Gradient
Jagga Scarf Sample in Red Black Linen Gradient
Jagga Scarf Sample in Red Black Linen Gradient
Jagga Scarf Sample in Red Black Linen Gradient
LL Cloves Gradient
LL Fig Gradient
LL Pistachio Gradient
LL Royalty Gradient
LL Teal Wash Gradient
LL Turmeric Gradient
LL Magpie Gradient
LL Mauve Gradient
LL Pebble Gradient
LL Blue Black Gradient
LL Red Black Gradient
LL Neutrals Gradient
LL Violet Gradient
LL Dark Teal Gradient
LL Peacock Gradient
LL Moth Gradient
LL Brick Gradient

Layercake Linen Knitting Kit: Jagga

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This jagged wrap is knitted from side to side in garter stitch.

It is an excellent beginners project as it only consists of knit stitches and the simplest of increases and decreases.

This kit contains a gradient set of our Layercake Linen yarn, spun by the same lovely people that weave more and more of our linen fabrics and a pattern.

The same weight as our Soliloquy Sock Lace, Layercake linen runs 600 m per 100 grams and is perfect for knitting a garment or accessory to go with your Layercake  Smock, Tabard, Apron, etc.

A note about the darkest colours of Layercake Linen: I have had two reports since I started selling this linen yarn of the black rubbing off on fingers while knitting. Unlike our linen fabrics, the linen yarn is not pre-washed, so the darkest colours MAY release some excess dye stuff on your fingers. I have done a lot of knitting with the black linen and have not experienced it yet, so this obviously varies from one person to the next. You do not have to worry about the dye bleeding into any of the other colours if you wet your project. 

The picture shows the Jagga wrap knitted up in the Red to Black Layercake Linen gradient (which matches our Red Cross-weave LLinen Layercake garments as shown in the pictures).

The Gradient Sets are sold as bundles of 4 x 25 gr hanks of 150 m each (600 m in total).

Materials needed:
100gr Layercake Linen or other 3-ply yarn - 600m.
4mm knitting needles, straight or circular as preferred
darning needle to weave in ends