The Slow Wardrobe SSP - (Surprise Support Package)

The Slow Wardrobe SSP - (Surprise Support Package)

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The idea for this initiative germinated at "Ja, Wol", an independent wool shop in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As soon as lockdown was upon us, Saskia's (Ja, Wol owner) Instagram presence shone out to me. Her positivity to grab the new reality and be creative within the confines it imposes is refreshing and really reflected how I was feeling.

Saskia's customers have enthusiastically embraced this concept and Saskia has been shouting out to other yarn businesses to consider doing the same so here we are:

The essence of this concept is: "You pay, I pick!" You choose the size of your Surprise Support Package, and I will put a selection of goodies together to the value of the package you chose and send it out to you: SURPRISE!

It's like a present to yourself and a great idea if you don''t know what to knit next.

The rules are very simple: 

  • It is 100% a surprise. NO wishes or demands, no returns!
  • You cannot send me anything but positive reactions, the package is a surprise, so the risk is yours. The value of the parcel is guaranteed though.