Company History


This journey started in 1984 when I, Linda, vowed never to be part of the fashion industry despite finishing a degree in the marketing and engineering of fashion. Fast-forward to 2008 when I saw an opportunity to participate in the resurgence of fibre-related hobbies by starting Tall Yarns 'n Tales, selling knitting and dyeing kits containing everything needed to transform a skein of un-dyed wool yarn into a finished pair of socks, hat, or scarf.

The kits were followed by a book containing multiple dyeing techniques for animal fibres, co-authored with Helen Deighan. Keen to create a unique product offer, I soon set about creating my own yarn ranges, all with unusual running lengths: Soliloquy Sock Lace, Trinity Twist and Layercake Linen 3-ply.

Meanwhile, customers kept asking where I bought the linen tunic-style aprons I wore at the wool and craft shows I exhibited at. My response to those questions is Layercake, driven by my personal style of dressing and general dismay with profit-led fashion brands. 

The company name was starting to create confusion though, with customers assuming that "Tall Yarns" meant that Layercake was for tall people...

So in 2018, Tall Yarns became The Slow Wardrobe, properly embracing its unusual product offer and better representing the ideas that drive it. Read more about those ideas HERE.

What about Tall Yarns?

The Slow Wardrobe website also hosts fivemoons Yarns and continues to offer our in-house yarn brands Soliloquy, Trinity Twist, Yak Blend II and Layercake Linen 3-ply to perfectly complement Layercake. The yarns are supported by a selection of knitting tools and patterns.

How do we reach out to customers?

The Slow Wardrobe Studio is based in a small village, so the main focus remains with online sales, but I also produce a twice-a-month vid-cast on YouTube and alternate this with email-based newsletters. When possible it's lovely to have the opportunity to connect face to face with some of our clients as well. Welcoming visitors by appointment at the studio is the best way for us to combine a working studio with our online presence.

If you find yourself planning a trip that takes you in the vicinity of Grayshott, give me a call (01428 288010) and come see the Studio.

Address: Crossways Road (across from the free car park), Grayshott, Surrey GU26 6HG