Company Vision


To inspire all who are interested to (re-)discover the joy of a wardrobe that contains pieces they love to:

    • wear, by offering a coordinated selection of timeless pieces
      • care for, by offering information and help that results in choosing quality over quantity and mending over replacing
        • play with, by offering inspiration and ideas on how to combine and integrate new pieces with existing ones

          What then constitutes The Slow Wardrobe?

          The Slow Wardrobe comprises a YouTube channel, a website and a production Studio, all created and maintained by the founder (Linda).

          The YouTube channel The Website The Studio 
          With a new episode every other week, The Slow Wardrobe presents new products, provides inspiration around wear of and integration into your wardrobe, discusses ways to mend and care for your wardrobe and shares Linda's personal knitting journey.
          • To wear: a collection of garments in Linen and Wool called Layercake
          • To care for: a selection of materials and tools to mend your Layercakes
          • To play with: a variety of materials and tools to  knit or crochet coordinated garments and accessories to complement your wardrobe. They can be found under the headers of Tall Yarns (yarns and tools, selected and curated by Linda) and fivemoons Yarns (yarns dyed by Sharon, who is also the dyer of all Tall Yarns). 
          Since January 2014, The Slow Wardrobe operates from a multi-functional Studio in the village of Grayshott, on the Surrey/Hampshire border.
          It includes a dedicated workroom for Andrea (who turns Linda's Layercake design ideas into garments in multiple sizes/lengths). Working together almost daily combined with our experience serving customers at shows created the possibility of offering a bespoke sizing service (which helps Layercake achieve true size inclusivity).

              Who then are the main contributors to The Slow Wardrobe?

              Strictly speaking, it is still a one-woman-band (Linda). Andrea spends a considerable part of her week sewing Layercakes, but she operates as a separate company. The same goes for Sharon, the owner of fivemoons Yarns, who dyes yarns for The Slow Wardrobe but also runs her own business. This set up allows us maximum flexibility and independence.

              When possible, we combine stands at woolly shows and then you may find Linda, Andrea, Sharon and sometimes Zoë, another separate company owner (crochet pattern designer and tech editor) all pulling together and selling our wares. At times, Linda pulls in the support from one (or more!) of her brood to jump in and help. A great example is this new website, created by Pieke.