YB2 Bitter Lime
YB2 Smoked Paprika
YB2 Smoked Paprika
YB2 Black
YB2 Emerald
YB2 Looking for Lilac
YB2 Mer
YB2 Milk
YB2 Mole
YB2 Moonless Midnight
YB2 Slate
YB2 Twilight
YB2 Vampire&
YB2 Sliver
YB2 Pot of Gold

Kit: Double Dart in Yak Blend 2

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The idea behind these scarves is to create a pattern that is somewhere on the scale between a lariat and a scarf. Ideal for use of a precious yarn or a stunning colour that you want to show off and celebrate.

This kit contains enough yarn to knit one of the 2 designs included in the Double Dart pattern (100 gr of Yak Blend 2 = 2 hanks of 50 gm)

The pattern includes instructions for both designs and can be downloaded from HERE.

Yak Blend 2 is a drapey 50/50 blend of Silk and Yak Down, 400m per 100gr, super-soft and ideal for these designs, which look like jewellery as much as they do knit-wear!

Also sold separately in hanks of 50 grams HERE.