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October 10, 2018


About spinning plates and jumping through hoops...

I managed to step on some toes and I was painfully aware of it. Part of the throes of being a one-woman-band and having a Studio with curb-appeal, I've tried having set opening hours vs. opening by appointment only. During busy show-months, it is not easy to communicate this and Google does not accommodate a "Studio" description that shows a "by appointment only" approach. From Google's perspective, you're either open or closed.

I have tried to get around that by adding a "picture" that, instead, reads the words "visit by appointment only" and my Studio phone number. I shout the same on my website but a couple appeared at the door that went by Google alone, which still showed afternoon opening hours. They were seriously underwhelmed that I hadn't completely unpacked after crashing back here from Yarndale. I offered to show them whatever they liked but since they wanted to browse, they could not give me a clear answer (completely understandable). They turned down my offer to come in and left threatening to leave a damning review on Google.


The warmest Summer of hard work

Reflections on Summer, family life and getting ready for another busy season building my tiny business. View full article →
December 08, 2017


Becoming The Slow Wardrobe

Same business, new name. Why? View full article →
July 06, 2017

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Free Vanilla Extract from Penzeys today!

Please read the email that just landed in my inbox, from a lovely spices company in the US, and below it, the response I just sent Bill, the author:


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Layercake: every*body*happy!

This year, let us claim our place in this world. Share all we have to give, to teach, to spread. Because we know that we help make this world a better place. So let us make ourselves heard and seen and felt. Not alone, but together. View full article →

A lovely little read

I just stumbled across an article on sheep shearing that I really enjoyed.
I found it on the Toast website, written by one of their Contributors.
Highly recommended, if you cut and paste the following url, you'll go straight there:

"Garments for varied and fluctuating bodies"

My dream is a rag-tag line of women around the world, whose shapes and sizes are as varied as their backgrounds and personalities, dressed in Layercake and celebrating their slow wardrobes... View full article →

The quirks of running a creative business in the middle of a small village

It's not easy trying to be different, to sail a different course. Especially if those around you wrong-foot you by sending unexpected signals of understanding that new direction. View full article →

Knitsonik aka Felix aka Felicity Ford with us in Harrogate!

Tomorrow morning sees the Tall Yarns caravan on the road for the last time this year, on our way to Harrogate, where we will turn our own little patch at the Conference Centre into the world of Tall Yarns for 4 days. We will be in exactly the same spot as last year, in the Textile Gallery, hall M, stand number TG570. And this year, apart from bringing a grown collection of Smocks and Pinnies, more yarns in more colours, new patterns and new needles, we're also bringing a special friend: fabulous Felix is joining us with lots of copies of her most fantastic new book, the Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and if you manage to come to the show, please do come see Felix and buy a copy of her book. I promise you will not regret it, it really is awesome. You can read more about it on Felix's blog, at
November 07, 2014


Spinning class coming!

For those interested to learn how to spin, we are organising a one day spinning workshop, on Thursday 4 December. It runs from 10 am to 4 pm.

For more details (and to sign up), please keep an eye on the Workshop page of Helen's website: