Layercake lagenlook Linen Step Top

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The Step Top is a boxy one-size-fits-many (UK8-28) throw-over in our lighter linen. The back of the top is much longer, creating an interesting silhouette that teams well with your existing Layercakes and creates an unusual, elegant line.

It looks great worn over any Layercake garment and also looks fabulous worn under the Duster.

It was inspired by the Synergy Step Top (see HERE), which has the same shape but comes with yarn and a pattern to knit the sleeves out of matching Layercake Linen yarn, with the option to also knit a rectangular panel that can be added to the shorter front panel to lengthen it. Of course not all Layercake Lovers knit and it wouldn't be fair to deny them this lovely addition to the Layercake Line-up.


Circumference: 168cm (66in).
Front length (measured from the shoulder neck edge): 63cm (25in)
Back length( measured in the middle of the back panel, from the neck down): 79cm (31in)

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